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2 bed 2 balcony apartment on top floor. Pool and sea views fully furnished. Price flexible

Experience the tranquil beauty of Elenite, a stunning seaside resort nestled along the picturesque Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Elenite offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, making it the ideal destination for any type of traveller.

Surrounded by the rugged charm of the Balkan Mountains and the serene ambience of the Black Sea, Elenite boasts an unparalleled scenic panorama. The resort is designed to impress, with its traditional Bulgarian architecture seamlessly blending into the natural beauty of the landscape. The area is famous for its stunning villas, luxury hotels, and private apartments, all designed with comfort and elegance in mind.

Elenite is blessed with a splendid semi-tropical climate. The balmy summer temperatures and gentle sea breezes create an environment that's perfect for relaxation, while the mild winters make Elenite a year-round destination. With over 230 days of sunshine annually, you will enjoy the outdoors at any time of the year.

But Elenite is not just about relaxation and gorgeous scenery; it’s a hub of excitement and adventure. The pristine beaches offer a range of watersports, from jet-skiing to windsurfing, while the nearby mountain trails are perfect for hiking and mountain biking. The area is also home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna, adding an extra dimension of enchantment to your stay.

Food and wine lovers will find plenty to celebrate in Elenite. Indulge in the delectable Bulgarian cuisine at local restaurants, where traditional recipes meet modern culinary art. Visit nearby vineyards and wine cellars, where you can sample some of Bulgaria's finest wines.

For those seeking a cultural experience, Elenite offers easy access to a wealth of historical and cultural sites. From the ancient town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the vibrant city of Varna with its rich history and bustling nightlife, there's something for everyone.

Elenite is more than just a holiday destination; it's an experience. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach retreat, an adventurous outdoor escape, or a cultural exploration, Elenite is the perfect choice. Embark on your Elenite adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime.