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Aheloy - A small spot on the map, on the Black Sea coast, is the town of Aheloy, which is both "near" and "far away". Close to the sea, close to nature, peace and quiet, rooted in ancient history. Despite its location on the road between major centers on the Black Sea Coast, Aheloy is located very far from the urbanized Center.

Unlike nearby resorts, Aheloy remained untouched by the invasion of hotel complexes. It has kept its naturalness and peace. Residents are very warm and hospitable people. There are no great buildings here, but there is a lot of fresh air, peace and a sense of comfort.

About 2,100 people live in the village. It is a place for people who are looking for quiet holidays on the seafront. The village has a friendly environment and a clean river, which is the most liked place by fishermen and people passionate about fishing.

In the immediate vicinity of Aheloy is Pomorie - the third largest town on the Black Sea. Pomorie is a spa town, located on a peninsula. Not far from Aheloy lies one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts - Sunny Beach. The village offers tourists a lot of entertainment - there are night clubs, many restaurants and cafes, aquaparks.

The village is located near the town of Nessebar - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place that should definitely visit every tourist spending their vacation on the Bulgarian coast. It is a small town with unique architecture and beautiful, charming, narrow streets.
From Aheloy it is very easy to get to other coastal towns. All buses that run on the route Bourgas-Sunny Beach-Nessebar-Varna. In addition, Aheloy is located 19 km from Burgas International Airport. Due to many sunny days in this area, tourists resting there will certainly be able to enjoy the beautiful 

southern sun. Aheloy is the perfect place for a holiday. Everyone will find something for themselves!

The coast - a sandy beach is located behind the Marina Cape complex, and another beach can be discovered less than one kilometer from the village. There is also a rocky coast with a pier and yacht marina. There is also a camping site in Aheloy with a small but beautiful beach, which is located south of the village.

Surfing along the Black Sea coast is becoming increasingly popular. Surfers say that the waves along the coast between Sunny Beach and Aheloy provide many attractions for lovers of this sport, although they can not be compared with the waves in Hawaii, California or Tahiti.

The distance between the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia and Aheloy is 400 km. The village is located 34 km from the center of Burgas. The Pomorie health center with mud baths is only 10 km from Aheloy.

Ravda is growing at a very fast pace, it is only 3 km from Aheloy and the largest tourist center in Sunny Beach as well as to the famous city of Nessebar is only 7 km.

Aheloy transport is very easily accessible because all bus lines that run on the Burgas-Sunny Beach-Nessebar-Varna route pass through the village. In addition, Aheloy is located 19 km from Burgas International Airport.

The climate is Mediterranean. The average temperature here is around 15C. Winters are cold, summers are long and hot, and spring and autumn are warm and pleasant. People in the area enjoy a high percentage of sunny days throughout the year. Annual rainfall is low and snow is very rare here.

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