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We have endeavoured to provide open and honest answers to the questions we are most frequently asked , however if there are any questions that you still have please do not hesitate to contact us . Remember our goal is for you to achieve yours !
Q Why advertise your property on
Due to the media coverage our investment fund attracted over the last 12 months and our extremely realistic approach to the current market , we are very well recognised by serious investors in both Bulgaria and Russia as a company that gives their clients realistic and honest advice regarding the price they should ask for their property . This is very important , as when our investors make an offer on a property , they take comfort in the fact that they know our clients are serious about selling their property and that they have taken the time to be comfortable with the price their asking price.
Q How do we know that your advice is "realistic and honest " ?
You know this because we did not sell any properties on the Black Sea or in the Ski Resorts from off plan developments . This allows us to be objective with our clients without fear of being blamed for selling them the property originally. We are one of the very few companies in a position to offer this objective advice.
Q Does represent developers ?
No, we only represent individual owners, as this allows us to remain independent . It would be very difficult to remain objective if we were also representing development companies , who would be responsible for large numbers of properties and of course a large amount of our fees.
Q What do you charge to advertise a property
We charge just 50 per month to advertise a property, which can be cancelled at any time. There are no set up charges or hidden costs
Q Will you take my property on your books if I do not advertise?
Absolutely , we are more than happy to take on properties regardless of whether or not you choose to advertise. However, we are confident that advertised properties will sell quicker as they will be available to a larger audience .
Q What is your commission for selling my property ?
We receive our fee from the buyer. This is a flat fee charged regardless of how much they pay for the property. The figure you accept will be the figure you receive .
Q Do I need to worry about Capital Gains Tax or other taxes related to my property ownership or sale?
Every person has different circumstances , so it is not possible to give a generic answer. However, if you would like our accountant to look over your own case , we can easily arrange that for you .
Q How long will it take to sell my property ?
rest assured we work tirelessly to sell your property. It's difficult to put an exact date on when a property will sell. However, at least 85% of the property sales we made in the last 12 months had offers within 3 months of going to market. When an offer is accepted , the deal generally closes within 6 weeks . The single most important fact that you must accept when trying to sell your property is to be realistic about your price. This is only a guide from previous experience and we cannot guarantee when a buyer will be found for a property.
Q Will I have to take a loss on my property ?
This question is difficult to answer , but what we can say , is that not every property in Bulgaria is worth less than what was originally paid for it. It depends on when you bought , location , rental yield and many other factors . If your price expectation is too high or too low we will guide you on a more realistic price. It is our intention is provide a good deal for you.