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Selling Property In Bulgaria continue to sell property in Bulgaria on behalf of our UK clients every week. The majority of the Buyers are Russian however we have seen an increase in the number of sales to British investors in recent months.

Many of the investors we sell property in Bulgaria to feel that the market is very near the bottom or indeed at the bottom and this is the main driver for sales at the present time.

One bedroom apartments in Sunny Beach with price tags of between €25,000 and €30,000 are very popular. Two bedrooms apartments in Sunny Beach are achieving between €40,000 and €60,000. The number of Buyers spending over €100,000 is smaller but very steady. If you have a property in a sought after development Buyers will spend the money to buy it.

We have been helping Irish owners of Bulgarian property to sell their property in Bulgaria since 2009 and during that time we have seen a very sharp drop in prices.

Given the sheer volume of properties owned in Bulgaria by Irish and British investors it is inevitable that the majority of  properties will continue to be sold below the price paid for them for the foreseeable future but what is very encouraging is the fact  that the sharp fall in prices seems to be at an end. We estimate that at least 30,000 Bulgarian properties are owned by Irish Investors and up to 100,000 are owned by British Investors.

The good news is that if you want to sell your property in Bulgaria there are plenty of Russian Buyers who will be happy to buy it.

We will be happy to provide you with the current market value of your property and if you are happy with the valuation we will find you a Buyer.

Please contact us today to discuss your property.

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