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Garden of Eden St Vlas Bulgaria

Garden of Eden Sveti Vlas

Selling your property in the Garden of Eden ,St Vlas Bulgaria during the winter months is a very real possibility. The main reason for this is that the management company do not allow access to selling agents for viewings during the busy periods of the summer months when the resort and apartments are full of holiday makers.

This is quite understandable as during these busy periods they do not have the extra staff to accompany agents during the viewings.

We had great success durig 2016 , we found buyers for over 20 properties in Garden of Eden and we are set to have an even better year in 2017.

We received a large number of enquiries during the summer season from potential buyers who visited Garden of Eden but could not view properties and it is for this reason that we have arranged for these potential buyers to come back during the winter months when they will be able to view properties.

If you would like to have your property included or if you have any questions regarding selling your property in Garden of Eden Please contact us

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